Adding 75 More Countries to our Global Cellular Networks Today

Today we are excited to announce the new and improved version of GIANT Connect with increased global coverage, lower pricing, and better rewards!  

Staying connected while on the go can be a challenge, which is why we are constantly working to bring a new and improved experience to our users. GIANT Connect makes it easy to stay connected around the globe, and rewards you for going online and sharing with your friends and family.     

Increased Global Coverage

GIANT Connect has increased our coverage to 75 more countries across Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and Asia Pacific for a total of 118 supported countries worldwide. Even better, you can get access to these networks without fumbling around with physical SIM cards because of the emerging embedded SIM (or eSIM) technology that’s now included in nearly all of the latest smartphones and iPads.

Now you can avoid getting hit with exorbitant roaming fees or paying for expensive daily international plans from your carrier when you travel abroad. GIANT Connect lets you choose a plan for the specific country you’re visiting or you can select a plan for a Global or EU Region. 

Better Pricing

As our network scales we’ve been able to reduce LTE data plan costs and we’re passing those savings on to our customers by reducing prices across the board (up to 50% cheaper). Even better, you’ll earn GIANT Rewards when you use our LTE data plans. As an example, for every $50 of cellular data you use, you’ll earn the equivalent of $25 in GIANT Rewards. Our rewards are powered by the GIANT Protocol.

Refer a Friend

Tell a friend – We’ve made improvements to our referral program! 

We are now offering 5 USG for both referrer & for those referred. Refer your friends and family to stack up extra credit in your account.

Join our mission to make GIANT Connect the most rewarding, easy, and fun way to stay connected to the internet!