Introducing GIANT Connect, powered by the GIANT Protocol


Today, we are thrilled to officially launch GIANT Connect, the first mobile connectivity app that is powered by the decentralized GIANT Protocol! Accessing the internet through GIANT Connect gives consumers a stake in the connectivity economy. Consumers can hold onto their stake, GIANT Rewards, or redeem them for free airtime credits.


Wificoin is now GIANT Connect

What started as Wificoin – inspired by the idea that everyone should have seamless and equitable access to WiFi internet – has grown to encompass a global connectivity ecosystem. GIANT Connect reflects the breadth of everyone’s internet connectivity needs.


Stay connected everywhere on your terms

We’ve all become accustomed to staying connected to family, friends, work, entertainment, and essential information through our phones, tablets, and laptops. But anyone who has travelled has encountered some pain points with staying connected. People who travel by air end up paying high prices for inflight WiFi access. When inflight WiFi is spotty during their flight, they end up haggling over a refund. International travelers tell us that they have wasted time hunting for a local SIM vendor or paid excessive roaming fees when they arrived at their destination. GIANT Connect solves these problems by offering inflight, cellular, and hotspot access in a pay-as-you-go format all from one app. You only pay for the data you use. Funds that are loaded into GIANT Connect can be used across our global internet connectivity network and never expire.


Rewards powered by the GIANT Protocol

Earn GIANT Rewards just for keeping your devices connected to the internet. HODL your rewards or redeem them for over 50% additional free data. Instead of credits, the funds you have loaded are now represented as USG, which can be used for Inflight WiFi as well as global cellular and hotspot data. You can also earn USG by becoming a data provider on the network by extending your personal hotspot or home WiFi to others. This equitable ecosystem is all made possible because GIANT Connect is now powered by the GIANT Protocol. It is a decentralized web3 protocol led by a community that is creating a connectivity economy that is open to all (Learn more).