Join the GIANT NFT Quest and Earn an NFT Just for Registering!


Join the GIANT NFT Quest and Earn an NFT Just for Registering!


To reward our community of early adopters and crypto enthusiasts, we’ve unlocked a limited time opportunity to claim an exclusive multi-tier NFT drop and supercharge your GIANT rewards points up to 100%. 

Don’t miss this chance between now and April 30 to collect rare digital artwork and run up your GIANT rewards balance before the GIANT Protocol main net launch.  


About the NFT

The eclectic NFT artworks designed by renowned artist Nicole Ruggiero reimagine themes of internet connectivity and the devices that we interface with into animated characters living in a colorful world.   A 3D visual artist whose work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, VICE and Adult Swim, Ruggiero concentrates on tech and the culture surrounding it. Her work encompasses  stills, 3D imagery, animations, AR and VR experiences along with NFTs, which have been exhibited internationally. 

In the work for GIANT, I included characters that I envision existing in the NFT metaverse, this time also representing common motifs of the internet.” explains Ruggiero, before reflecting on the hyperconnected nature of the world we live in today, 

“Internet access can both be a benefit and a distraction. It gives me the ability to access resources to learn, find references, and inspiration. It also allows me to connect with other people from the comfort of my own home, which works out well because I am pretty introverted.” 

As the tiers of the NFT progress, the complexity of the artwork increases, much like the busy and interconnected networks of the internet. 


How the Quest Works

Just installing the app and registering earns you your first NFT at the Bronze level.  Continue the quest by completing actions in the GIANT Connect app such as using data, sharing the app with friends, sharing your hotspot, and encrypting your data with the VPN. 

The number of points you earn during the quest period will determine the level of your NFT and how big of a boost you receive. All participants will earn an NFT, but the top performers will unlock the best rewards, including VIP access to future virtual and real world events. As you climb the ladder through silver, gold, platinum and diamond rungs your NFT becomes rarer and more valuable.

Spend your GIANT Rewards points on data, or save them for the GIANT Protocol main net launch! 

View more details on the quest levels and boosts here


Level 3 NFT artwork of the 5 level NFT series